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Friday, August 31, 2012

Coming Soon!!!

T-Town Cafe!!!
It's official news!  Here is the Tuscaloosa News' article on the newest venture for David and Jamey!  Because they have so much free time on their hands (read with sarcasm)!  We are all so excited about this opportunity!  This is something they have wanted to do since they started going to Culinary School!  We would appreciate lots of prayers and please come visit us when we open!

1st visit to McWane Center

We had a Saturday free!!!  So we headed down to Birmingham to the McWane Science Center.  Ashlyn is old enough now to appreciate some of the fun stuff there is to do there!

 We spent a lot of time in the bubble center!  She absolutely LOVES bubbles!

 Bubble WAR!  You blow and whoever blows the hardest blows the bubble to the other side!  I love watching David play with his baby girl!
 These two sure do love fish!

She loved the giant Night Bright peg board.  I remember the one we had when I was little!  Me and my sister would play with that thing for hours!

4th of July 2012

Ok...so this just shows how far behind I am on blogging...Happy Independence Day!!!!  We got to go to my Dad and Jacque's house on 4th of July.  They had a slip and slide all set up and waiting for Ashlyn.  Of course there was way more yummy food than we could possibly eat!

Ashlyn fought her nap so hard!  She was having so much fun.  Mimi took her in the bedroom and rocked her poor pitiful self until she was out cold.  Mimi took a little nap while she was at it. :)  Ashlyn LOVES Papaw and Mimi!

 We finally headed home and just as we were headed through downtown Birmingham, we heard that the firework show from Vulcan was about to start, so David found a little parking lot and we all piled into the bed of the truck and watched the show.  We were far enough away that it wasn't took loud for Ashlyn and she loved it!

Blow up pools are the BEST!

Blow up pools are the BEST!!!!  Especially when you a fun auntie that will get in and play with you!  Love you "Aunt Z"!!!

Beach trip part II...finally!

We had such a great time on our beach trip!  Finally got the pictures off the camera...

 SHARK!!!  Just kidding...it's a dolphin.  These guys were fishing and they were throwing out chum.  Our boat guide was telling us that the dolphins love to hang around these for the easy food.  You can't feed the dolphins though, because that is against the law.  They just pick up the leftovers.

 Somebody loves Doritos and was much more interested in her chips than the dolphins!

 We had FUN in the sun and sand!

Fun with Cousins

A few weeks back, we were so fortunate to get to have Ashlyn's cousins over for a little weekend visit!  I have been meaning to do this post for a while, but I just couldn't do it without the pictures.  I can't describe how much I love these kids!   They are so incredibly special!  They are sweet, generous, kind, loving, beautiful, smart and absolutely wonderful!  Ashlyn had the BEST time having them at our house.  She was a little sad when she lost her playmates since they had to go home. :(  I hope we can do this again VERY soon!

As soon as we got home, they took to her room and even though all we have are "little kid toys" - they had a blast playing!

 We decided we wanted to do something fun for dinner - so we headed out to the bowling alley!  Shelby put her shoes on a little too quickly.  Notice anything wrong?
 We had pizza and chicken fingers, but no one paid too much attention to the food. :)
 This was the first time Ashlyn bowled and she thought is was the greatest ever!

 She granny rolled it...
 And we waited for it to reach the pins...
And waited some more...I don't even remember if she hit a single pin, but it was so funny to watch!  She kept getting mad that it wasn't her turn all the time.  Her sweet little cousins helped her so much and even let her bowl for them a few times.
After church on Sunday, we decided to go to Kobe Hibachi Grill.  They had never been to one and it's been a really long time since we have (at least since the tornado because we love Hokkaido and they are currently still rebuilding).  The kids all thought is was really cool (even Ashlyn who'll you'll notice is hanging onto her Daddy for dear life).
I got to practice having four kids for two days and about 3 hours in, I had a new respect for large families, and desperately needed a nap!  I can't describe how much fun I had!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Birthday Party

Ashlyn will be TWO in just 9 short days!!!  I can't believe my little baby who was just born yesterday is about to turn TWO WHOLE YEARS OLD!  I thought the first birthday was a little shocking...but two has really left me in a tailspin.  Ashlyn is currently obsessed with Nemo...so I thought about doing a Nemo party, but then I remembered how much work planning a little kid birthday party was and that I promised myself (and David) that I wouldn't go overboard again until she starts remembering her birthdays...so we've decided to take a trip to SEE Nemo for her birthday!  I'm so excited about the idea.  David's birthday, Ashlyn's birthday and our wedding anniversary are all in the same month, so I think it's only fitting to have a little family get-away to celebrate!  We're going to Atlanta to the Georgia Aquarium to visit Nemo!!!!  I'm  not sure what all else we'll do while we're there...maybe a trip to Ikea???  I checked the Braves schedule and they are away. :-(  I'm sure we'll find SOMETHING to do...LOL!

In the meantime...I'll leave you with pictures of Ashlyn at a couple of the birthday parties she's been invited to this summer.  She really loves playing with her friends and even Mommy and Daddy had a great time visiting and playing!

This is Ashlyn's little best friend from church's party.  I just can't get enough "K hugs" from this little girl!  She is beyond sweetness!
Ashlyn finally got brave and climbed up these little stairs and went down the slide!
Last year we went to this same place for a birthday party and Ashlyn screamed her little head off when we put her in the ball pit.  This year she thought it was the most fun!!!  She is growing up so fast!
Ashlyn with the birthday boy.
This is Ashlyn's teacher from school and her son.  Her son was in Ashlyn's class also and Ashlyn ADORES him!  She calls him her baby and gives him kisses all day!  He didn't move up this year with her and I know she misses him. :-)  She got to keep her teacher though and I know she's happy to stay with her!
She is fearless I tell you!  She followed her other little friend up through the netting stairs and made her way to the big slide.  She only went once, but she had a grin the size of Texas on her face when she got to the bottom of that slide!